We are in love with the hidden gems around the world, and we want to bring them into our homes and lives. We believe in stories and tradition – in respect for the nature and in passionated people.

Somewhere in the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest there is a nut, that grows on a palm tree. This little nut can do miracles for dry skin and hair, and by harvesting it in a wise way, we can actually help sustain the forest and the people living in it. The native people of the Amazon Rainforest have known it for centuries –we have barely heard of it: Its name is Murumuru.

Like Murumuru, Brazil is full of other small and hidden jewels: From the Mineiros, living in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais, weaving magnificient textiles, traditional for the region, but known to few outside of it – to creative and passionated Priscilla from Rio de Janeiro, who makes beautiful handmade beachwear, seeking sustainable ways of producing in a country, where sustainability and ecology are values rarely found.

Lets bring those jewels into our homes and lives. Lets enjoy looking at them, thinking about their story and value their tradition. Lets be an important partner in supporting them, so that they will still be here in years from now – whether it is a matter of the rainforest in Brazil, the traditional weavers of Minas Gerais or all the other creative people, we work with in Brazil. Lets create the perfect fusion of Nordic minimalism and powerful, latin culture.

We do not sell Murumuru, but the Murumuru serves as inspiration and a symbol of all our other products: Hidden in Brazil and unknown to most, but full of passion, tradition and sustainable in the sense that we aim to leave positive footprints in the nature and in the lives of the people that we pass.