I have always had a fascination and curiosity towards other cultures. When I was 20, I visited Latin America for the first time and fell completely in love with it. Something about the nature, the passionated people, the music and the atmosphere – I was drawn to it. Somehow I felt home, although at the same time I felt like a complete stranger. I wanted to learn more. So I decided to learn Spanish, and I took a bachelor in international business communication and Spanish. I dreamt of becoming a mediator of some kind between Spanish talking Latin America and Denmark.

When I was 25, I met and fell in love with a Brazilian guy. He was returning to Brazil a few months after, and I decided to join. I spent almost a year in Brazil, learned Portuguese and wrote my thesis about Brazilian culture and language. We returned to Denmark together, got married, and I started pursuing my dream – at this point narrowed in to becoming a mediator between Brazilian and Danish culture.

MURUMURU is the beginning of that dream. Bringing Brazilian stories to European homes through beautiful handcraft with a story.

With MURUMURU I want to add a touch of something else. Many Danish homes have a very Nordic style with clean lines and well known designs. Instead of buying the usual Hay sengetæppe, which you see in many Danish bedrooms, lets try something different. Lets add a story to the things, we surround ourselves with at home, and lets go for something unique.

In the beginning we were located in Copenhagen, but in 2019 we began another exciting chapter of our life and moved to an amazing, small and creative fishing – and surfing village on the northern part of Sealand, called Lynæs.

The atmosphere and environment surrounding this place is a perfect match to the ideas behind MURUMURU: slow and creative living in balance with nature and with a focus on sustainability and happiness.

At this moment we do not have a physical shop, but our door is always open for a visit – just let us know beforehand, so we can have a warm cup of coffee ready. Catch me on solvej@murumuru.dk

Solvej Garcia

Owner and founder